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Box of Soay Lamb or Rare Breed Pork

Available for delivery to your door free*†

These boxes offer exceptional value for money, giving you a selection of the finest joints, steaks, and chops of our ethically raised rare breed pigs and lambs

Each box is packed to order with a thermo- insulated liner and delivered to your door at a pre-agreed time. The boxes are recyclable and the lining can be returned using the supplied postage paid bag.

Rare Breed Pork Price List

Belly of Pork £7.60

Leg of Pork £8.90

Leg of Pork (bone in) £7.50

Pork Steaks £10.60

Tenderloin £12.90

Pork Chops £9.00

Rolled Shoulder £8.00

Rolled Loin £10.90

Spareribs £7.50

Minced Pork £8.80

Diced Shoulder £7.70

Diced Leg £8.20

Sausages £4.30 per pack

Pork & Apple Burgers £3.90 per pack

(prices are per Kg)

* Free†within a 15 mile radius of Tomintoul; outwith that, postage charges will apply

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